LiveTrends Design Group Europe ApS is an expansion of the American company LiveTrends Design Group. LiveTrends is the market leader in the USA within green design products for supermarkets, home improvement stores and garden center chains.

The new company LiveTrends Design Group Europe is owned by Bisser Georgiev, Søren Offer Madsen, Martin Rasmussen and Thomas Offer Madsen and is located in Glamsbjerg, Denmark.

Our plant designs are offered through four unique brands: LiveTrends, BotanIQ Lab, Urban Jungle and BeYou.

LiveTrends focuses on fusing nature and design to create unique living décor. Each one of our designs features living components (airplants, foliage, cacti, etc) and is hand assembled by artisans. Every year, the creative team at LiveTrends produces over 500 new, trend-inspired designs. With product offerings for every holiday, season and a stunning core line, the possibilities are endless.

BotanIQ Lab focus on making intelligent plant design according to Scandinavian style and current trends. This is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and bright white. The IQ and Lab in the brand name speaks to the innovative and intelligent plant design that gives endless possibilities of thinking plants in the home.

Urban Jungle offers plants for mindful living as an avenue to nurture life, build green sanctuaries, and express creativity. Urban Jungle offers natural and contemporary collections featuring attractive, innovative houseplants with beautiful, understated upgrades and accessories that promote meaningful relationships and healthy living. Through constant innovation, hard work, and the desire to achieve the impossible we are innovating the indoor plant and home decor industry through living, expressive, and mindful design.

BeYou is a fresh new brand for playful personalities that encourages positivity, connection, and self-expression. This affordable label offers relevant collections which explore pop-culture, empowerment, and new technology.

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